Translation =
Comfortable ambiance
Easy going nature.

I Love this word !Gem├╝tlichkeit!, this is what I envisage our home to have, a comfortable ambiance.... now if only I could pronounce it!

Corner of our Bedroom_New addition blue painted Thonet chair

Inspirational... Dame Elisabeth Murdoch

I've just been watching 'Elders' with Andrew Denton - this week he's been interviewing Dame Elisabeth Murdoch - a very well known and admired Melbourne resident and mother of Rupert Murdoch. Regardless of any one's views on the Murdoch media empire Dame Elizabeth is an inspiration. At 100 plus she talks about her love of life, her loves and loved, loss of a child and her passion for philanthropy. A truly remarkable women.

Beloved Spindle Back Chair

Thank you to my Mum for the wonderful Bella & Boo Tote, it follows me everywhere! xx

It's going to be all-white....

it's going to be all-white....

White Inspiration from Flickr

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1. Spring mood, 2. In The Sunroom, 3. My Own Wood & Wool Stool, 4. IMG_7049

Tick...To Do... 2010

victorian home in london, originally uploaded by * d a a n *.

I'm not usually one for making 'New Year Resolutions' but this year I'm going to create a list of things that need to be competed and ticked off before the end of 2010.

Missing from the list will be the arbitrary 'get fit' and 'lose weight' resolutions instead they'll range from the mundane - personal administration chores (that are for ever being put off )
to organising the house. I've added to the list more exciting to do's such as places to visit on our trip overseas in June. I'm also determined to try to spend less time being inspired and more time acting on those inspirations.... But to be fair when the inspiration is this good how can you not keep looking!

Our House.... Finn's Room

Here are some pictures taken of Finn's room today. I don't have any images of the room before, but if you could please visualize a room darkened by lime green walls. Not too tragic but was instantly transformed after 3 licks of Porter's paint in Snow White (used through out the house).

Thanks to my wonderful Mum and Finn's Nanna Moo for the Cath Kidston scatter cushions - Sewn With Tender Love and Care.

Finn's little feet... I can't tell you how tricky and messy it was painting his feet blue and trying to get a decent print on paper, but we succeeded!

Finn loves the decal Elephant &
the Shelves NEVER stay tidy.

Edwardian christening outfit - found on ebay.co.uk and was the perfect size for Finn.
I love the colours in the Cath Kidston laundry bag, I always head to her store in St Ives (Cornwall) when I travel back to the UK. The little canvas ABC tote is from the Tate St Ives, it's very handy for bottles and snacks when we head to the beach.

Still the front garden to landscape, new bench tops and a splash of paint in the kitchen and easy on the wallet prints for the walls to find - any ideas of the later would be appreciated.