Five of the Best_Tickled Pink (ish)

Sorry readers it's been a while, both the blog and Etsy store have been neglected of late, it seems more and more the days roll into weeks at a rapid rate and another week goes by where I haven't posted or found time to indulge myself in finding any nifty vintage pieces for molliefinn.

Finn has just started walking - cheers and applauds, but this means he's more mobile so therefore I'm more mobile! I've also been busy with work and finalising the finances for our new home, then there's swim classes and play dates at the park.....

Yesterday I grabbed some 'ME' time and had a browse on the Internet so here are some cuter than cute pink girlie finds from Etsy and the net at large...


Pulpcreative Paper


(Sadly I thought I saved this seller as a favourite.... so I can't find the link - I'm sure the seller was from Australia, perhaps Adelaide if you want to do an Etsy search)

Tortilla Girl

Nearly Home

We've literally stumbled across the cutest little house for sale (very little) beachside (more on the side than the beach!) - we were on our way to another open inspection and spotted the house on the way and quickly ran into have a look and instantly fell in love with it.

May the God of Homes be smiling on us for the next week while we sort out all the finance's and sign on the dotted line...

I'm near giddyness with excitment and lack of sleep as I ponder what should go where and on the colour scheme - should I paint the dark wood floors a wonderful dove grey?? I'm currently craving the simple, shaker mixed with subtle beach look pictured.

My thoughts haven't been contained to the interiors - we've had to trade in our the desire for a garden because the house only has a small courtyard but the location of the house is good - Nigel Slater (UK Chef/food writer) has an all white garden so I'm leaning towards this idea - all white flowers mixed with the greenery of various herbs and vegtables and a couple of potted lemon trees... ponder, ponder, ponder...!

World Beach Project

The V&A are running via their website the 'World Beach Project'

"What is the World Beach Project?

The World Beach Project is a global art project open to anybody, anywhere, of any age. Building on the experience many of us have of making patterns on beaches and shorelines, this project combines the simplicity of making patterns with stones with the complexities of shape, size, colour, tone, composition, similarity and difference."

So this sunday I'll be popping down with the boys to Freshwater Beach (weather permitting) to create and submit my beach art to the project...

Click on the image below to find out more about the project and many of the wonderful exhibits at the V&A...

If you do decide to take part I'd love to see pictures and put them on the blog :)

Words of Love Cont. & Desk Thursday

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And here's my attempt - Happy Desk Thursday!

Words of love

Words of love, originally uploaded by Craft & Creativity.

I've been browsing around flickr for some interior design ideas and stumbled across Craft & Creativity which has inspiration galore, many of her images are saved to my favourites for future reference... I particularly thought the image above was a great idea, simple but lovely - all your favourite places and people arranged and framed... It took me a while last night but I've made my own just using PowerPoint and a colour printer (which I'll post shortly - the image above is courtesy of Craft and Creativity)

Thanks so much for the great tip Helena

click on the image to view more of Craft and Creativity's lovely flickr images.