All Hail Grace Coddington!!!

Last night I braved the windchill and was out at an hour when I'm usually tucked up in bed reading a book to que in a line packed with wanna be fashionista's to watch the "September Issue"... R J Cutlers documentary follows the US Vogue team for nine months while they pulled together the mammoth September 2007 Issue. Despite the wait and the cold toes I wasn't disappointed, Anna Wintour was icy cold as predicted and the there are few 'gasp' moments, but the star of the show was one Grace Coddington Vogue’s Fashion Editor, “the ying to Anna's yang".

Examples of some of Graces work

At 60 plus Grace has stalked the offices of Vogue UK and US for over 25 years and has kept her sense of humour and compassion for those unfortunate soles bowled over by the Wintour steam train, including staff and high profile designers. Coddington is non-fussed by the celeb hype and believes that fashion should exhibit fantasy and a little fun, she see's beauty in all - even the camera man's rounded tummy! Creativity and talent oozes from every pore, even under emense pressure and time constraints Grace pulls the most amasing photo shoots out of the bag.

Bless you Grace...

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  1. I love the photos AND the fashion. The floral head piece is so over the top yet so lovely.

    Mia, From the Board of Lucys