Bathroom Renovation

We recently renovated our bathroom YAY!, it was the last room in the apartment to get a much, MUCH needed overhaul.

When we purchased the apartment four years ago it was unlivable - nothing had been changed since inside the apartment since it was first built in 1960. The kitchen was totally beyond repair and grease almost a centimeter thick clung to the wall behind the stove, the tiles kept falling off the bathroom walls, the carpet was lined with horse hair and took forever to pull up and the walls in the second bedroom when we sugar soaped them produced a river of grime from the ceiling down to the floor. How anyone lived there before we purchased the apartment I will never know it was the pits but had 'good bones', a friend of ours who couldn't quite see the potential could only comment that it was "close to the beach" but her face didn't hide the fact that she thought we were crazy to have invested in such a dump!



These bamboo ladders have been great (we use another in our bedroom), we have very limited space that means we're struggling to find room for towel rails - so these were a cheap alternative and attractive alternative.
The wall between the loo and the rest of the original bathroom was knocked down and in the spare space we managed to get a laundry cupboard which is big enough to house our washing machine.

The timber for the mirror frame and the top of the vanity came from a wood reclamation centre and cost $50 (Aud) we treated the wood with water proof lacquer....

Post renovation the walls are a little sparse - some of our pictures haven't made the final cut - but I thought I would share anyway.


  1. That looks lovely! I am jealous of your pretty bathroom, lol. We're hoping to do ours at some stage in the next few years.

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment! The renovation was a very LONG time coming... The before pictures don't quite show the true wretchedness of it, even with my love of baby blue and white it had to GO! Plus with a baby an external laundry is insane.