Cornish Roses...

The weather last weekend in Sydney was tres horrible, not that I like to complain too much because for most of the year Sydney weather is pretty dandy.

I returned home on Saturday morning (from a 50 minute car journey that should have taken 15 - all traffic was moving at a snails pace and at one point the road was so flooded water was coming out of our exhaust... ) - any way as I said I returned home to these lovely pictures emailed from my mum who lives far, far away in Cornwall, England... her roses are in full bloom and look so lovely, I'm sure they smell as divine as they look - thanks mum!

Hopefully one day I'll have a little walled garden, nestled on a little farm!

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  1. I love your feminine, vintage style!! I am going to check out your etsy site. How do you like etsy? I thinking of setting up one myself. Have a great day!

  2. I miss summertime in England. The gardens over there are just stunning. Your mum's roses are beautiful!

  3. Many thanks for the kind comments - "the little Jewelry box" I've just emailed you with my comments on Etsy... Keep in touch and let me know how you get on.