Desk Thursday 25th June 09

Desk Thursday 25th June 09, originally uploaded by mollieandfinn.

Happy Desk Thursday!

No make shift desk today... Just the following -

A spindle back chair I found on the roadside that I'm trying to bring back to life - the white around edges is wood putty and lots of it to cover up the many, many holes from tacks and nails I've removed.

My new screen printing frame/mesh which needs the design from the previous owner blown out.

Framed white oil paintings from Morocco....

A parcel I'm about to mail to the States and a birthday card for my mum in the UK...


  1. I love a good road find..., it doesn't happen often, but we have two great storage benches that my husband picked up from the curb. Oh, and my blog A Beach House Dream is being continued at A Beach Lovers Place, perhaps you'd like to join/follow me there too. Have a great weekend.

  2. that chair is so lovely! what a treasure to find :)