We Like..... Madeleine Stamer

I thought I would share some of the work by Madeleine Stamer artist extraordinaire, mother of
two and fellow blogger - I stumbled across her work late last night while browsing the Internet and instantly fell in love with it...

Here's a brief Bio of Madeleine and what inspires her art work and some of her lovely prints. To view Madeleine's website click here.... - Enjoy!

Little Circus Design and Little Birdsville are the creation of Australian artist Madeleine Stamer. Bother worlds combine Madeleine's passion of illustration, love of birds and all the good bits in between.
Madeleine Stamer was born in 1972, the Year of the Rat. The youngest of five children she grew up in the leafy suburbs of Melbourne. Her open minded parents always supported her yearning to be an artist since the day she put crayon to butcher paper...

Madeleine is dead keen on all things Mexicana, birds, natural history, skeletons, traditional folk art,
vintage print & pattern and things that are nice to touch.

Madeleine and her loving husband Karl, little toddler Wilhelmina Pearl and baby Ada Clementine live in a big old, semi run-down, part restored Victorian house in Melbourne, Australia. Madeleine also works part time at a prominent Melbourne school teaching visual arts as well as devoting time to exhibiting, freelance illustration and her Little Circus Design projects.

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