Celia-Birtwells Conservatory

I spotted Celia Birtwell's lovely Conservatory while browsing the net today. I love the chairs at the forefront of the picture - which are part of her home / fabric collection....

Here's a quick blurb on what Celia loves about her conservatory...

"I spend a lot of time in this room, as it's the most peaceful part of the house. It gets plenty of light. My partner Andy and I often have lunch in here. I also use it as somewhere to read or listen to the radio or just contemplate the garden outside.

I like outdoor spaces that aren't too manicured but have some order. I like to divide flowers into groups of colours, putting each colour in a separate pot. I also like gardens to be perfumed. I'm proud of my jasmine and scented roses.

I call this the garden room. I like to have fresh vases of cut flowers in here. On days you don't want to be outside because the weather's dismal, you can sit here and almost feel like you're in the garden. I like drawing flowers in my sketchbooks in here, too. These often form the basis for my floral dress fabrics. There's nothing better than looking at flowers. They're all different, so they always surprise you."

I think my tiny coffee mugs would look lovely in this conservatory... Sorry Shameful Etsy plug!


  1. I would have to agree with you, your mugs would look fabulous!

  2. Ok, It was belle and boo! I found them on Esty and purchased "my favorite spot in spring" I sent them a message and let them know I found them through your site! Feel free to visit my Etsy store www.redsnowq.etsy.com! Have a great day!