We Like.... Staying in!

It seems that more people are opting to stay in and entertain these days. Whether due to necessity or like me out of choice - more of our friends are tapping into their inner homebody.
So in the spirit of this new wave of 'cocooning' click on the above image to view event organiser extraordinaire Fiona Leahy's tips on throwing a "super stylish dinner at home" pulled from a tome of British Vogue - so you'll find your wallet might not appreciate some of the hints provided - but there's inspiration a plenty!

(Apologies if the image comes out fuzzy when you zoom in - try printing it.)

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  1. Yah! We love having dinner parties! :) I love the whole theatricality of them - doing the table is my favourite part (other than that relaxed/relieved feeling after all the food's been served out!) We are pretty much alone in that regard amongst our friends though. I was starting to wonder if it was because we spent so long living in London where it's quite prevalent? We've been back about 8 years now but still getting used to Brisbane! ;) Thanks for the lovely post. K