Return from Dunk...

"Hills and valley, forest and jungle, grassy combes and bare rocky shoulders, gloomy pockets and hollows, cliffs and precipices, bold promontories and bluffs, sandy beaches, quiet coves and mangrove flats. The island is our home."

EJ Banfield - Dunk Island, Australia - 'Confessions of a Beachcomber

So here we are back in the land of flat pack boxes and packing tape... Our holiday has officially ended, but what a wonderful time was to be had on Dunk Island - warm weather, sandy beaches an island fringed with palm trees and inspiring flora and fauna, with the added bonus of a cocktail waiter or two!

The coconut palms did cause me some worry - mine is an active imagination and a recent psych test I did at work concluded I had the personality that was pron to believing "every silver lining has a cloud" it wasn't a typo... My husband told me to "fear not" and rolled his eyes - yet one night we were sat on our balcony watching the sun set (the island faces inland) and PLONK a rather large coconut drops the ground with, sorry with a THUD actually not a plonk - the next day my sun lounger was positioned well away from the shade of a coconut palm but still within access to the cocktail waiter!

Big chief and little chief admiring the view, or perhaps plotting an escape from their neurotic co-traveler?

A few attempts at creating a design for my screen print... the island had so much to inspire, in particular the bleached coral, yet setting all those thoughts and images to paper is proving to be most tricky indeed.

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  1. It looks all so idyllic and gorgeous! Glad you had a great time away. I wouldn't worry too much about counting your neuroses!! ;) I think that's just typically being a mother - we're more proactive and would rather avoid the possible danger than just deal with the danger once it occurs (which is typically male, I say!!). Glad you're back! K

  2. Glad you liked Dunk Island. We moved up here from Port Stephens about 4 years ago with our 4 kids ( youngest is just now 4yrs old ) and absolutely LOVE IT!

    Even in wintertime, the kids wear shorts, t shirts and barefeet to school ( up to Year 7 ). Shoes are not required!

    I have a webpage with about 150 high resolution photos of Dunk Island and the surrounding islands, beaches, rainforest and waterfalls you might to have a look at -


    Mission Beach